Monday, 21 March 2011

The book that may have just killed my love for YA fiction for a while...


I think that this book may have just succeeded in putting me off YA fiction for a little while. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. In fact I am getting irritated just thinking about it as I type.


I was finding this book really hard to get into from the get go and I kept looking at it, hoping it would read itself without any input from me. Unfortunaelty it doesn't work like that. So I grabbed the bull by the horns (or the book by the binding) and was determined to sit down and not stop until I had finished this book. HAH! it didn't work...

So why couldn't I finish this book?

Well I was going to push myself to get it read and out the way until I hit page 207(ish)! DUDE!

So you are reading long, la de da de da. And then you get to 'I lead him...upstairs'. Say what? Hold the phone. Two seconds ago (and I mean 2 seconds ago. 2 seconds ago as in on the opposite page, 2 seconds ago!)you were having your first kiss and suddenly you are jumping into bed with him. Uh, nope, sorry. The lameness of the story I could have dealt with but this bit was just too much. I mean don't get me wrong there isn't anything graphic about it. As in NOTHING is described. And unless you made the mental jump when we find him kissing her bare shoulder the next morning you wouldn't think anything has happened. But it was just the way it was kind of thrown in there and it makes absolutely zero sense to me. Maybe it will make some kind of random sense by the end of the book, but considering that I could hardly even bring myself to read it before and then that bit just completely threw me for a loop I ain't waisting any more of my time reading this, that's for sure.

Maybe this just means that I am too old for YA fiction. *shrug*. I can usually look past the teenage angst in YA if I like the story but even my angst blinkers weren't working right for this one.

I think I will read a book were at least it makes sense when things happen.

Well...there's a few hours of my life gone that I will never get back...

Whoops - had to come back and put this bit in. The book was Siren by Tricia Rayburn. And tht was 1 star peeps because I couldn't finish it.

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