Thursday, 25 August 2011

Immortal Beloved by Katie M. John

Forced apart by fate, Mina Singer tries to piece together her broken heart. Little does she know that Blake's quest with Morgan Le Faye is placing his in a terrible and mortal danger.
Amongst the demon haunted monuments of Egypt, dark and terrifying rituals are being resurrected, and Sir Blake Beldevier is forced to embark on his most horrifying quest yet - one which no other mortal has survived.
How far would you travel for the one you love? What dangers would you endure?

This is the second book in The Knight Trilogy and picks up exactly where book two ended as we are thrown straight into the story.

So in the first book we have established that there is a secret society of knight, Camelot existed AND Guinevere’s children are alive. And now in this book we have Egyptian gods thrown into the mix because of Morgan’s warped idea of love and trying to turn Blake into an immortal.

One thing that I loved was Mina and her friends travelling to Cairo. I love books that involve character travelling from one country to another.

My favourite character in this series has to be Delta – and I have a feeling she is more involved that she makes out to be. She is great. She doesn’t put up with any nonsense and she loved and cared for Mina when she needed someone there for her.

It missed the mark for me somehow and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the first book. It is still a magical, enchanted story but it is also a lot darker than the first book. And the whole ‘girl falling into a depression because the boy leaves her for her own good’ thing was far too Twilight-y for me. And I hated the way that Mina was treated and kept out of the loop until she did something drastic and suddenly everyone is all ‘oops our bad, you are more into it than we thought, come and join the group huddle’ Ok, not quite but you get the idea. And just when it seemed like Mina was going to have a good shout and go at someone it always blew over – I didn’t get much satisfaction from that.

But it is still a fantastic read that grabs you and drags you into the characters’ lives – even if I wanted to deck half of the characters most of the time…but never mind.

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*This book was an ARC provided by the author*

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  1. A great review Alex! "... far too Twilight-y for me" comment made me laugh out loud ;)

    Enjoy your opinions (particularly the humorous delivery!)

    Ann Mauren


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