Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! I am ALIVE!

Hello everybody.

I’m ALIVE!!!!

I am so sorry that things have been a bit quiet around here for the last few weeks *tumble weed rolls across screen*.

See the thing is my hard disk, or hard drive or whatever it is called decided to give up the ghost. Yes. It died! Of course I was not aware that this was the issue so I phoned the nice people who had me take the battery out, plug it in, turn it on, turn it off, turn it on again. NOTHING. And then I had to reset it to the factory settings. Goodbye all un-backed up files *sob*.Not amusing at all. And just to add insult to injury I went through all of that just to find out it could only go so far in the resetting until it stopped – because of the hard disk/drive/thingie playing silly sods!

So I had to phone the people again – anyone seeing a pattern here. This time I got a guy who really didn’t give a toss and couldn’t have sounded more bored if he tried. So I then had to sit with a dead computer for over a week until it could get picked up – lets not go into the fact that the little pamphlet I got when I insured it says ‘next day pick up’ but who’s being picky. (I am!!!!!).

But this is all water under the bridge now. Now I have my baby back after being poked and prodded by strangers *strokes keyboard…my precious*.

And so there is the end of my tale of woe and that is why the posts have been a bit. Because some posts have been going up that I had scheduled in advance (so proud of that), why the giveaway winner hasn’t been chosen yet (I will be getting right onto that one. I promise) And why I haven’t been able to do any blog reading. I am having post writing and reading withdrawal.

And that is my explanation.

Hopefully thing will be back to normal ASAP.

The Giveaway winner will be contacted by Sunday! Sorry again for the delay!

free glitter text and family website at
Or for why the laptop died look here for the warning from OG and the ensuing conversation.


  1. Computers are so unreliable aren't they? I can't think of anything more frustrating than losing everything on my laptop. Think I'll go and do a massive backup right now. Welcome back!

  2. Ah that sucks. You should get a Mac. They don't break ;)

    Xpresso Reads

  3. I hate tech guys. They always treat you like you're so stupid and that you live just to make their life miserable. Jerks! I'm glad you have your baby back now.


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