Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Giggle Time - Kinda :)

Missed 'Giggle Time' again. Sheesh my brain is having a melt down I think.

I have something for you all now but first, want to know what I did today?

Not Really. 

To bad. Mwahahaha

So world, today I tried to scratch of some of those chores of the to-do list so they wouldn't be hanging over my head come November. I tidied out my car - I think I may have scared myself for life doing that one by the way. My car used to be spotless (well...nearly spotless) until I started babysitting 2 kids and now my car is a regularly in a mess - I mean MESS - and one of the little monsters has broken my car radio. Grrr. From now on there will be no consuming of flaky, crumbly food in my vehicle. It is tidy and it is staying that way *nods head*

And I dragged one of our folding chairs from the garden - yeah, want to know why it was in the garden? The monsters doing. So I dragged it in, got the marigolds on, got the sponge, near to boiling water and disinfectant and started scrubbing. Thankfully the chair is plastic..well plastic and metal so it didn't require much elbow grease - until the spiders started dropping from the edges and hollows of the plastic like freakin' ninjas.


I think they were after me because I had squished one in my room the other day. Well it would seem that I will be having more eight legged ghosties haunting me...

So, moving on.

This weeks funny. Is *scurries off to find it*

Yeah I am running on empty for the funnies right now. I haven't really seen anything and said WOE gotta share gotta share! But this is...amusing. Actually I found it Laugh-Out-Loud hilarious the first time I saw it but then again I am easily amused.


I hope you enjoyed that :)

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow if I can get my act together on the blog front.

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  1. Wow, I'm proud of you for cleaning out your car. I need to clean mine quite desperately but I'm too lazy! I love the video. I haven't heard of Jupiter before. Cute!

  2. @Jenny

    I have been waiting for weeks for the weather to be nice long enough for me to do it :) Achievement of the week! LOL. Glad you enjoyed the video :)


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