Monday, 16 July 2012

Outlander Read-a-Long - Chapters 29-35

(Sheesh being away from home has really  messed up with my blogging flow)

1. We are now settled into life at Lallybroch. What are your impressions of this place, and Ian and Jenny Murray? How do the stories of Jamie’s life here growing up shape your feelings toward him?

Something about Lallybroch unsettles me. I am sure that it was a lovely place to grow up and that Jamie had a wonderful childhood their but there is still something that just gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I love Jenny and Ian, both as a couple and as individuals. :)

2. What do you think of the story of what really happened between Jenny and Jack Randall? Could you have been as bold as Jenny? Does this change your understanding of Randall?

No way could I have been as bold as Jenny. I am one of these people who imagines in her head how much she would like to chew someone up and spit them back out for doing something but (dang it) I just can never get it passed my mouth. So no I would never have been able to do what Jenny did. But I love her for doing it! And Randall…Nope, I still think he is the biggest creep of the creepsters. *shiver*

3. For the second time, we see Claire warning a Fraser about future events. Do you think this is wise? Or does this mess with history/the space-time continuum/the natural order of things?

DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the Star Treks tell you that interfering with history is a big ‘NO-NO’ (of course that doesn’t stop Piccard giving it a good go). Only Q can do it and get away with it!

4. Do you consider Claire brave or foolish for going after Jamie? Would you be courageous enough to go into enemy territory to try and save the man you love?

Ummm…I’m thinking. Good grief girl haven’t you learned anything! But I still do not blame her for her actions and I do think she was brave to do it – especially with what has happened before when she has gone off by herself. I would like to think that I would rush into a dangerous situation to save the man I love. But unfortunately like many things in life it is one of those things where I would have to be in the situation before I would know.

5. Jamie makes a gut-wrenching decision in Chapter 35. Do you blame Claire for putting him in that position? What kinds of repercussions do you expect?

Oh dear, this just goes back to Claire and her dogdy decisions making doesn’t it…? Ummm no comment.

Repercussions? As in Claire is going to feel soul destroyingly guilty? That kind of repercussion?


  1. This is one of my favorite series ever :) Hope you are having fun with it!!

  2. I think she was completely foolish, but if she hadn't Jamie would have been strung up by morning...once Randall was done with him.

  3. Ah. Claire and her dodgy decisions. That's good alliteration there. And I love Jenny and Ian as well! We finally meet some really great people.


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