Monday, 16 July 2012

Rapid Review - Zombie Kid Diaries - Playing Dead by Fred Perry and David Hitchison

Middle school is horrific enough for any 5th grader's first day. But for Bill Dookes, it's a festering, rotting, undead nightmare! Since Bill's deadbeat dad got arrested trying to burn the house down for the insurance, Mom's had to make ends meet by volunteering to various medical research companies for cash. This would be fine if she hadn't brought home a mysterious zombie virus! Now Bill has to deal with skin problems and body chemistry changes that make puberty look like a walk in the park! And then there's his ever-growing appetite for BRAINS!

I think young kids who have a high gross scale and find eating worm funny will love this book. Me I found it turned my stomach. It doesn't go into detail or anything but it is the thought of some the stuff. Eating roadkill, and gone of milk with mouldy cereal. 


*I received this book in e-book form from NetGalley*

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  1. I also have this for review and I am looking forward to reading it! :)


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