Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Hi everyone.

I have tried to write this post so many times it isn't even funny but here goes.

So first of all I AM ALIVE (hmm..or I am a zombie...)

As you may (or may not ;)) have noticed things have been eerily quite in my little neck of the webby woods and I am so sorry about that - this year has been pretty rubbish where the blog is concerned.

Over the past month or so my health has taken a bit of a nose dive (which I really should have seen coming what with the way that my emotions have been all over the place) so the blog has been pretty low on my list of things to be doing.

So, instead of freaking out about not getting as much done here on the blog I thought I would just say a quick "Hi" and let you guys know that I haven't abandoned Blethering About Books.

There will be a couple of posts - and my a couple I mean about...3 - going up between now and the new year (I will be away from the blog until at least the new year) and then I will be trying my very best to get back into the swing of thing. I have some really cool ideas for stuff that I want to do :)

So...yeah. That's all I wanted to say. :)

Keep reading everyone and stay safe!


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  1. Hope you're alright Alex - my emotions go haywire at this time of year too, it's no fun and it really screws up my concentration (and TOLERATION) for stuff I normally enjoy, like reading and blogging. Obviously I haven't got the faintest clue if it's the same thing but... feel better, okay? Hope you get in plenty of R&R on the run-up to the new year, and start 2013 in an all-round happier and healthier place! *hugs*

  2. Hope you feel better and look forward to you coming back:)

  3. Hope you feel better soon and have stress-free holidays.

  4. *hugs*
    I hope you feel better soon! Just take your time and relax :D


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