Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Clarts and Calamities by Henry Brewis

This is the humorous diary of a year in the life of a hill farmer, with frequent disasters and rare triumphs.(Image from Goodreads  - Description from

This book was just what the doctored ordered at the time when I was reading it - it proved to be a lovely diversion during the family holiday from hell *shiver*

The diary cover a year of a sheep farmer and is told with a humour that comes across as being natural and not forced. 

It is filled with passages that I couldn't resist giggling out loud too - which of course lead to me needing to read the out loud to my mum - who I was sharing a room with, which then had us both smiling - which believe me, was sorely needed. 

The only damper to the book was the mentions of abuse against the animals form the farmer. I don't think it was all that often but it does stick out in my mind a little. 

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