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How to Break a Dragon's Heart (How to Train Your Dragon Bk #8) by Cressida Cowell

How to Break a Dragon's Heart (How to Train Your Dragon, #8)
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Can Hiccup complete the Impossible Task, battle Berserks, save Fishlegs from being fed to the Beast AND discover the secret of the Lost Throne? What's a Hero to do?!

I have been saying from the beginning how these books always leave me with a kind of thoughtful sad pang. The different with this one is that it was like that from the beginning. 

Thumbs Up
We are given more insight into the Viking culture and how they go about things (e.g. if you want to live, don't fall in love). We also find out why Fishlegs would have been found adrift as sea and why Hiccup is call Hiccup (admit it, you have been desperate to know too). Several bits and pieces that were dropped in through the other books were also drawn together here. 

What I love is that although these books are written for pre-teens and up they are not dumbed down at all and are actually getting more serious as the series goes on. 

Dragons with eye beams! I don't know if this little fact has been in another book and just went over my head at the time but what a brilliant idea. They have head lights!

More insane 'hero types' are introduced and we get to see a whole new island. 

Thumbs Down
This whole book seemed to have a big fat cloud hanging over it. From the beginning there is this haunted feel to things. The first chapter is call 'The Lost Child' after all. 

Slight spoiler - Me reading the first few pages : What do you mean Camacazi is MISSING?

There was more than one point that I found down right unsettling and Alvin is back *groan*.

All in All
Although the black cloud hovered over this book the sun did break through to keep up the laughs. 

Favourite Quotes

"T-T-Toothless NOT go in your father's study...Toothless N-N-Not play with the funny magic stone. Toothless somewhere else at the time..."

Valhallarama of the White arms and Chunky Thighs

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